Get inside your customers’ heads

  Imagine learning exactly what your customers think about your company then putting those insights to work in your business.

  When it comes to knowing what customers expect of your company, there’s no reason to fly blind. Learn the “story behind the story” of your best and worst customer relationships . . . straight from the horses’ mouths. Voice of the Customer advice can help you strengthen team performance in Sales, Marketing, Biz Dev and Operations.

  In-depth customer interviews find barriers that keep your company from reaching its full revenue potential. Customers are made to feel safe enough to spell out what you should start, stop and continue doing to “clone” your customer base, strengthen satisfaction and expand existing relationships.

  When you think about it, your customers have opinions whether you ask to hear them or not. So ask.

  Better still, let Deliberate Strategies ask. We’ll hear the entire “story behind the story.”

Is this right for your company?

(51-second video)

• New presidentsLearn what customers really think about your company.
• Companies competing for every saleTake sales advice from prospects who turned you down.
• Firms with multi-year accountsUse "Voice of the Customer" feedback to assess customer satisfaction and earn no-bid renewals.
• Managers of problem accountsFind the path back to customer satisfaction and strong account loyalty.
• Companies in growth mode• Use customer tips and quotes to attract new customers.
• Leave less money on the table with existing accounts.
• Leaders of newly acquired subsidiariesRetain legacy customers and win back frustrated defectors.

If you match any of the above, call. You’ll know within five minutes if in-depth customer research can help your company reach its full revenue potential. Call:

Ann Amati, Principal
Deliberate Strategies Consulting
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