Imagine learning exactly  

what your customers think about your company,
then putting those insights to work improving
your business.
Deliberate Strategies Consulting helps companies
win, retain, and enhance B2B customer relationships
by bringing the voice of key customers into
strategic business decisions.
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How can Voice of the Customer research help you?

Strengthen strategic plan

“How can we strengthen revenue, competitiveness and company value?”

Uncover hidden issues

(ideal for new leaders)
“What customer issues did I just inherit?”

Reverse account turnover

“How can we win back defectors?”

Restart stalled growth

“How do we grow account size and add ‘new logos’?”

Repair problem accounts

(at-­risk, dormant, dissatisfied)
“How do we restore customer trust and confidence?”

Improve inconsistent sales

“Why did we win this sale yet lose that one?”

Secure contract renewal

“How can we secure contract renewal?”
If Voice of the Customer insights from 12-40 of your customers could help you make faster, more confident decisions,
you’re in the right place.

Which revenue or customer issues would you like to improve?

Let’s brainstorm the best approach

 You own or lead a . . .

  • Revenue-generating B2B start-up
  • Niche-market software/hardware firm
  • A/E/C professional services firm
  • Outsourced/contract service firm
  • Established manufacturer or distribution company
  • Consultancy (ask about the “small-office package”)
. . . that’s focused on growth or prepping for sale.
Curious, but don’t see your industry?

Why fly blind?  Guessing wrong is expensive. Your customers have opinions—whether you ask to hear them or not.

Help customers help you grow revenue and value.

Past clients have been in . . .

  • Niche-market software
  • Manufacturing (industrial, wood products, high-tech, re-manufacturing, fabrication)
  • Distribution
  • A/E/C professional services
  • Finishing contracting
  • Industrial services
  • Aerospace
  • Outsourced services (HR-related, corporate real estate/facility management)
  • Commercial printing
  • Advertising
  • Business/consulting services
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Some of the ways Deliberate Strategies can help you grow revenue

Hold onto customers  

Some customers go dark while others officially move on.

What will it take to keep existing relationships actively engaged and re-start former relationships?

Customers know. You can, too.

Bring in new business

Step 1: Attract more prospects.
Step 2: Win their business.
Easier said than done.

What should you invest in:
A better sales/marketing process?
Innovation? An “X” factor?

Customers know. You can, too.
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