“Can the customer base help us improve our sales process?”

The bottom dropped out of the economy after this company invested in a new plant and new equipment. Unfortunately, their sales and marketing programs wouldn’t scale to fill the gap. Customers had always been an excellent source of referrals: what could customers tell them about actively seeking relationships with new prospects?

Research findings

Customers love this company! Their insights and suggestions helped the company update their sales and marketing tactics. Customer enthusiasm highlighted the supplier's key differentiator (a feature the company itself took for granted) and elevated it to the focal point of the supplier’s marketing messaging.

Company's response

Customer feedback helped this company take sales and marketing to a new level.

Revenue impact

They won the very next project they bid on using tips from this project! (The margin from that one sale paid for the customer feedback project in less than one year.)
This project’s objectives
Minimizing the revenue risk of ineffective marketing
Increase market penetration in existing markets
Specialty printing, $6 million in sales
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