Case Study #3:

“Which of these services do customers want us to add?”

This vendor competed shoulder to shoulder with a large number of competitors with similar products. The president and marketing manager thought adding services would help differentiate this company from the pack. Before they added a services arm, they wanted to make certain their assumptions were correct.

What we found out

Which services did customers clamor for? None of them! This company didn’t understand how their customers made the vendor-selection decision at all. Customers liked this company’s integrity and people, but all of the competing companies were leaving mountains of money on the table ignoring where the real growth in demand was!

How business was affected

We listened carefully to what the customers were saying, and summarized their demands for our client. Being the only competitor who bothered asking customers what they really wanted gave this vendor a huge advantage. They retooled their offering to match their customers’ full spectrum of needs. They are a completely different company today.

How revenue was affected

Sales took off! They broke away and are no longer an also-ran in their industry.

This project’s objectives

Minimize the revenue risk of underperforming accounts
Increase annual sales to existing customers


Hard-goods remanufacturer, $17 million in sales