A Message to Presidents

from Ann Amati, Principal
Deliberate Strategies Consulting


  Thank you for stopping by. If you’ve ever wanted to “walk around inside your customers’ heads,” you’re in the right place. I can give you that experience.

  • Do you know each customer’s selection criteria? Not everyone chooses based on price—even when they say they do.
  • Times are flush today; what should you start improving now so you’re busy throughout the next downturn?
  • Are your best customer relationships truly secure, or are customers losing patience with irritations you never hear about?

  You can know all this and more . . . customer by customer. Once you know what your customers think and want, you’ll make faster, more confident decisions.

  You know from personal experience that it can be difficult for one adult to look another in the eye and be completely candid. That means feedback “from the field” might be filtered, either by customers or by people inside your company. Small problems aren’t always brought out into the open and fixed while they’re still small. By the time a problem is undeniable, account loyalty has worn thin and customers have started returning phone calls from your competitors.

Don’t be blindsided by your company’s blind spots. (Every company has blind spots.)

  Instead of risking revenue and relationships, let me talk directly with your customers about your company. I’ve been doing exactly this kind of work for more than 20 years.

  • These are the same conversations you would have with your customers, if you had the time. And I can ask questions you can’t ask.
  • Customers will be more candid with me than with you or your people.
  • I can grant them anonymity or confidentiality, if that’s what they prefer. That’s something nobody on your team can offer.

My goal is to create positive turning points between you and your customers.

  You will hear feedback and opinions so specific you can take immediate action—or immediate pride! You’ll know what customers want you to start, stop and continue doing to keep the relationship healthy. Even positive feedback is conditional. After all, business is business. You have to stay on your toes. And you’ll learn exactly what that means . . . customer by customer.

Don’t worry about the project opening a can of worms—if that’s not what you want. I can limit the scope to just the issues you are prepared to act on.

Let’s get started.

  First, check below and make sure we’re a good match. If we are, call me or e-mail me for a phone appointment. Let’s talk about your situation and how this kind of project can help. If you aren’t sure, contact me anyway. Maybe I know someone who delivers what you need.

  Again, thanks for stopping by.

Customer profiles
  • New presidents.
  • Companies in direct competition for new or repeat sales.
  • Companies preparing for an annual or strategic planning process.
  • Companies with at-risk accounts.
  • Large-contract services (construction industry, real estate services and other firms with large-dollar contracts).
  • Manufacturing/distribution.
  • Vertical-market high tech.
Typical concerns
  • What do our customers think of us? Where do we need to make “course corrections?”
  • Why do we win when we win? Why do we lose when we lose?
  • How do we attract and close more business?
  • What do loyal customers love about us? What are they tolerating?
  • Where are we leaving money on the table?
  • Why have customers left? How can we win them back? Are others thinking of leaving?
  • “Can this marriage be saved?”