Case Study #1:

“How badly am I going to be attacked by customers at the upcoming User Conference?”

This was a reasonable question. The CEO had been focusing on an internal aspect of the business while the company started springing leaks in areas that directly affected customers. He’d gotten plenty of warning that customers weren’t happy, and he’d begun plugging the dam, but had that been enough?

What we found out

The customers could see the CEO had begun focusing on their issues. They were willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. However, in their opinion, his vision of the company was too small. The company had started as a consulting firm but seemed to refuse to make the leap to software vendor status. Most of the customers were Fortune 50 companies, and they wanted this vendor’s sophistication to grow to fit in their league.

How business was affected

What a wake-up call! We are very proud of our role in hearing what the customers were saying and putting the complaints and recommendations into terms the CEO would act on. The CEO/founder began hiring into the leadership team from the outside for the first time in the company’s nine-year history. They overhauled their customer service performance and began down a growth-by-acquisition path impossible under their old leadership structure. There’s no question they are in their customers’ league now.

How revenue was affected

This company successfully weathered stormy downturns in their industry and recently attracted venture funding set aside for new acquisitions. Customers are solidly on board with this vendor.

This project’s objectives

Minimize the revenue risk of account defections
Increase customer retention


Vertical market software, $7 million in sales