Case Study #2:

“Have we proven ourselves well enough to win a renewal of this multi-year contract? If not, where are we dropping the ball, and how can we turn things around?”

This vendor was on-site with a customer whose industry was new to them. Not only were they sincerely interested in earning renewal of the current $10 million annual contract, they wanted to know if they were perceived as ready to approach other prospects in the customer’s industry.

What we found out

On the whole, the vendor’s performance was fine, and progress up the learning curve was applauded as swift. However, there was a laundry list of details they were going to have to get right before the contract renewal could be guaranteed.

How business was affected

The vendor took their customer’s suggestions to heart having previously overlooked the gravity of some of the “laundry list” issues due to their inexperience in this industry.

How revenue was affected

The contract extension was signed and the vendor received hearty praise during reference checks from this customer when the vendor bid on new accounts in the industry.

This project’s objectives

Minimize the revenue risk of account defections
Increase customer retention


On-site outsourced services, $10 million annual services contract for a $800 million national services firm