Articles by Ann Amati

This series of articles highlights “Key Questions and Course-correcting Quotes” looking back over 20 years of B2B customer insight projects.

Here are real-world examples of how soliciting and acting on customer feedback helped companies strengthen account loyalty, grow relationships bigger or pick up new business faster.

All names are fictitious, but the situations are real. Each paints a picture of how important it is to learn what your B2B customers think—but aren’t saying.

At-Risk Customer Relationship Found During Continuous Improvement Exercise

Do your account managers know when to escalate customer complaints?

Stop Leaving Money on the Table!

Vendors miss an opportunity to shift from vendor to partner when they fail to “incent” account managers to fully develop customer relationships.

Vendor Didn’t Have the “Bench Strength” to Satisfy Sophisticated Customer

Even a seasoned supplier makes mistakes: an industry giant over-reached, won the chance to expand into a new market, then fell flat on its face.

Supplier Was Racing to the Bottom on Pricing, Switched to Challenging the Industry Leader

A company in commodity sales is often blind to its differentiators. One supplier learned they were measuring themselves against the “also rans” in their category rather than against the industry leader, who turned out to be their only relevant competitor.

How Do Prospects Approach an Unsolicited Sales Meeting?

A long-time customer offers guidance to help one of his favorite vendors compete more effectively. (A “must read” for anyone in B2B sales!)

The Importance of Peer-to-Peer Relationships, Even in David vs Goliath Relationships

Staying inside one’s reclusive comfort zone can cause a leader to miss the signs that frustrated customers are ready to switch from no-bid renewals to a competitive-bid process.