“How did you get my customers to speak so candidly?”

— Deliberate Strategies Client

Our mission is to create positive turning points in your relationships with your customers.

Ann Amati of Deliberate Strategies talks directly with your customers about your past, present and future relationship. You get the unfiltered research and guidance you need to make strategic and tactical decisions based on what your most important customers think about their most important issues.

On a scale from 1 to 10, “4” doesn’t tell you what to do.

Your customers know better than anyone else how they found you, why they stay, and where the growth potential is. Former customers and lost prospects know where your company falls short. Surveys don’t help you get inside your customers’ heads. In-depth interviews do.

Approached properly, current customers, past customers and lost prospects can become your business advisors. They’ll tell you where to make course corrections that can narrow the gap between your current revenues and your full revenue potential—without turning your company upside down in the process.

Do you know what a “focus group” is? Semi-structured, free-flowing, conversational. Well, think “focus group of one” repeated with each of your most important customers.


  • Ann Amati takes the time to understand how opinions and guidance from your customers can help you grow revenue and improve account loyalty.
  • She develops interview guides specifically for your project and customers.
  • You decide which customers you want interviewed. Ann then uses a time-tested approach to secure appointments with those customers.

Each interview fully explores what you want to know and what each customer wants you to know.


Increase customer retention
  • Frank guidance from current and past customers will tell you what changes to make to ensure loyalty and referenceability.
Grow existing customer relationships
  • Increase revenue and grow market share by up-selling and cross-selling more naturally. Or grow the size of the market by finding hidden demand for new products and services.
Find/win new customers
  • Current customers know why they gave you a chance. “Lost prospects” know where the sale was lost. Learn what it takes to win directly from those who became customers and those who considered you but chose another supplier.

Typical concerns

Principal’s note: If these are your questions, contact me. You and I will know within five minutes whether I can help your company strengthen account loyalty and grow revenue faster. —Ann Amati

  • What do our customers think of us? Where do we need to make “course corrections?”
  • Why do we win when we win? Why do we lose when we lose?
  • How do we attract and close more business?
  • What do loyal customers love about us? What are they tolerating?
  • Where are we leaving money on the table?
  • Why have customers left? How can we win them back? Are others thinking of leaving?
  • “Can this marriage be saved?”